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Are you interested in taking a Physical Therapy Aide course but are not sure if there are jobs?


According to Katrice Mubiru, Physical Therapy teacher, this is a question that a lot of her students ask.  Here is her answer: If you check on-line you will see some jobs but they are highly competitive because they get many applicants. I still encourage my students to apply online but they should always do a follow up call if possible. The reason that you want to follow up by phone is to ensure that a live person actually does get a chance to see your resume/application. Oftentimes employers get overloaded with applications and may not get to yours unless until you call to inquire about the status of your application. This will make a world of difference because now you are not just an on-line forms but a person.

However I am still old school in many ways. I believe that the best way to land a job in this field is still face to face contact.

Once you have enrolled into or completed a course you can then start to apply for jobs/volunteering. Oftentimes when you volunteer that does lead to jobs. This has been working for many of my students for more than 15 years.  

If you are looking for a good class, Valley Health Career College LLC, is offering a Home Study/4 night meeting course. For more information contact us:

Valley Health Career College LLC.



Be Somebody. Start a Career Helping Somebody. 

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